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A Holistic Approach to Overall Well-Being for Adults, Seniors and Children

Serving Southwest Florida

At Naples Health Institute, everything we do is a fully holistic approach to your overall well-being. By providing a variety of therapies and treatments, we can help you and your family feel your very best!


What Our Patients Say About Us
I love Dr Jade and Dr Dan! Their approach is so much more intuitive with my needs and perfect for anyone who does not care for the traditional chiropractor adjustments. I would highly recommend trying them out as you will not be disappointed! My issues have improved 20-30% since I started going and I plan to keep going! It works!
Nella D.
I had an amazing and much needed experience at Naples Health Institute! the! entire staff were so welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere was so energetic and unique, you won't find another like it! Their methods are very in touch and unique, Jade and her husband are so warming, the receptionist was super friendly and Adrienne gave me an amazing, calming and beautiful massage that was well overdue. I will definitely be going back there! I highly recommend this center for anyone!
Mellie B.
The service here has been amazing, and the care received is like nothing I have ever experienced. I hurt my back while down here from out of town for an extended stay and I wish I could continue to receive care beyond my time here. My first visit they did a thorough examination and spent a lot of time getting to know my historical and current back and health issues/concerns. The treatment felt very personalized and I didn’t feel like they were just trying to get me in and out. Dr Daniel made me feel extremely comfortable from the moment I walked in to the time of treatment. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! I would definitely recommend Naples Health Institute, especially if you are looking for long-term care and well-being!
Cheyenne P.
I absolutely love this Chiropractor. They have done so much for me. They’ve literally straight down my spine and it feels so much better. I have so much less pain and it makes me just so happy that they came into my life. It’s amazing how the balance between your spine and your body and make you so much happier when it’s aligned. You should definitely check them out!
Alicia F.
I have never had a chiropractor care so much about how I am actually doing. Dr. Dan and Dr. Jade have proven over and over again why me, and my family will never have another chiropractor. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and care about how we are improving. They make it very personalized, because it should be, and are able to answer any questions throughout the entire visit. A wonderful place. I would recommend it to anyone.
Tim E.
A natural way to fight illness and pain. I love how I feel better after each visit. I can't explain the magic, but it works. I felt remarkably better after my massage and adjustment! This is an amazing Chiropractic Studio! I can't describe how much better you feel after a visit! I would recommend to everyone, especially if you have had the push and pop type of chiropractic before. They are able to balance your body without the manipulation you have had in the past. Give it a try! It is worth it to be in control of your health!
Dayna P.
Dr. Dan and Dr. Jade are absolutely amazing! I was seeking care for myself but quickly realized this was care that my entire family could benefit from. I instantly see an improvement in my 6 year old attitude after his adjustments. Both doctors are very knowledgeable, informative, patient and caring enough to actually have time to answer all of your questions.
Heather B.
I have known both Dr Dan and Dr Jade from even before they opened their doors and I can tell you that they are not your "run of the mill" chiropractic office. They are both personally and professionally experienced in cutting edge pain relief of all parts of the body and all around holistic health of the human organism. The old paradigm of "cracking backs" does not exist in their office and they truly care about the welfare of their patients. From adults, to children, to the elderly and critically infirm, Dr Jade and Dr Dan are all about healing the body, not just your back! Total spine and body if you will. You just have to have the patience and open-mindedness to accept and accelerate the healing!
Sergio D.
Dr Dan and Jade are much more than just chiropractors. They offer state of the art technology and progressive thinking to each client. They truly care and work towards a solution with individual goals in mind.
Joanna R.
I feel like I am experiencing the future of physical and mental health when the magic hands of Drs. Jade and Dan are upon me. The office setting is super contemporary. The front desk person remembered my name the second time I came in. The results speak for themselves: pain/stiffness alleviation, improved mood, and the most restful sleep that I have had in years. How do they do it? I have no idea, because they just barely touch my body (no pushing, pulling, popping, etc.). It works, so I cannot stop going. My overall wellness and well-being has tremendously improved.
George A.
Empowered education, feeling better is one thing, leaving with the understanding of why it’s beyond my expectations. The team here is incredible highly recommend no matter what you may be searching for. Health, healing, clarity, wellness. The nervous system holds the intelligence.
Chris L.
Naples Health Institute has helped my mind and body so much! I suffer from a lot of past concussions and autoimmune issues, and it has been such a blessing and relief to be seen here. They truly care about their clients; such a family atmosphere. Can't say enough good things about Dr. Jade & Dr. Dan and the whole Upward Shift Chiro crew!
Cat C.
I’ve always loved going to the chiropractor. I feel better stay healthy etc. But upwards shift is so different from what I’ve known, and I simply love it. After just 2 adjustments/treatments the numbness in my arms and hands has decreased 90%. I feel amazing when I leave. Dr Jade and Dr Dan are so educated and knowledgeable about getting to the cause of the soreness injury etc. they make a complete care plan just for you. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Taresa S.
Dr. Jade and Dr. Dan are absolutely wonderful! My condition has improved since I’ve started, and they create a welcome and educational environment. The best decision I made was going to see them!
Melanie S.
Dr. Dan has helped heal my side and back. He has wonderful energy and I recommend him and Dr Jade highly!
Kevin M.
Dr. Jade and Dr. Dan are incredible. I have seen several Chiropractors in my life and I have never experienced anything like this before. I’m so impressed how this type of Chiropractic works.
Sal B.
I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors in the past 25 years and this practice is by far the best-their approach is really different and progressive and after just one visit my body is already feeling the benefits!
Stephanie K.
Amazing! Knowledgeable , friendly and easy to work with. I recommend you go experience what they have to offer. Educated me to say the least! Do yourself and your family a favor!
Joe G.
Really professional and kind team! I love this technique idea too!
Susanne E.
Very apprehensive about traditional chiropractic but kept hearing about how good Drs. Dan and Jade’s method! So raised my curiosity! Just with few sessions I’m blown away of their approach! I’m really intrigued by the concept of working with the Neuro-muscular connection and reprogramming my body to leave old patterns behind! An exciting journey begins! Time for change time to feel better!
Adrienn B.
I'm 71 and have been suffering from the results of three different accident dating back 25 years. I have seen numerous chiropractors all who have has the same approach...cracking, jabbing and twisting...all which have been uncomfortable and frightening. I moved to Florida and by chance met Dr. Dan at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. My first appointment began with a tutorial of his approach to his practice followed by an x-ray to actually see the structure that might be causing the pan. No one ever did that! He and his wife Dr. Jade have a unique way of working. They have a soft touch that seems as though nothing is happening until you realize you feel better and better with each visit! It's a brain/body approach. I have never been truly pain-free. I am now. I can't recommend them enough. Thank you, Drs. Jade and Dan!
Joyce B.
Dr. Jade and Dr. Dan at Naples Health Institute have proven to outshine the number of chiropractors I've been treated by over the course of 10 years! I typically suffer from ADHD, and take on a high amount of stress-- resulting in uncomfortable knots in my shoulders which greatly impact my ability to fully concentrate. Upward Shift's techniques have been remarkable-- helping with these symptoms, and then some! Overall, I feel more relaxed, less stressed, and have noticed a huge boost in my mood, too! Dr. Dan and Dr. Jade are both so knowledgeable, professional, and have been the reason I've been able to experience a true upward shift
Jillian S.
I know there is science behind what Dr. Jade and Dr. Dan do, however, I call it magic. When I was having problems focusing Dr. Jade showed me some techniques to help me focus. Dr. Dan taught me some exercises to help reduce stress and anxiety.
Ashley R.

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