Did you know that Naples Health Institute provides non-surgical body contouring? Why not enhance your new weight loss with our Low Level Light Body Contouring process!

Our Low Level Light Body Contouring Process is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after procedures. While men have excessive fat accumulation in areas, such as love handles, abdomen and chest, women tend to have trouble with the thighs, arms, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Any of these areas can benefit from this form of body contouring.

The Technology

Clinical studies have proven that exposure to this type of light causes a stimulation of the subcutaneous fat cells, resulting in the release of triglycerides into the interstitial region of the body. This requires the proper balance within a person’s system to efficiently process the excess fatty acids.

All light in the mid-600nm wavelength, whether it is laser or LED, will cause the reaction of the fat cells and the two key factors are the amount of light energy delivered and the wavelength.

For body contouring, we use the Dahlia© Heath Light Therapy System.  The  Dahlia© Health Light Therapy provides

  • Anti-aging skin benefits
  • Decreases in fine lines and wrinkles while increasing skin firmness
  • Support for healthy weight and fat loss

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