Dr. Dan Taylor

Owner/Head Physician

Dr. Daniel Taylor is Board Certified in Neuropathy through the American College of Physical Medicine and has his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University. Dr. Taylor has always wanted to serve and help others which led him to a career in Social Work earlier in life. He obtained his degree in Social Work from Auburn University. After being inspired by a doctor in Alabama, he pursued his doctorate. While attending school he suffered from a back injury that damaged the nerves in his leg. This led him to the pursuit of correcting neurological damage that is known as Neuropathy. Dr. Taylor was able to treat and reverse his neuropathy through conservative, natural means. Dr. Taylor additionally joined an association of doctors that treat neuropathy. This association has successfully treated over 13,000 patients by helping them recover from neuropathy through a four-tiered approach of addressing neurological, vascular, structural, and metabolic issues. Dr. Taylor moved with his wife, Dr. Jade Stevens, to Naples, FL in 2018, and they opened Naples Health Institute where they have now treated hundreds of patients with neuropathy. Naples Health Institute has a 98% success rate when it comes to treating neuropathy.

Dr. Dan is excited to be serving the community of Naples. As a child Dr. Dan’s family visited the beach every Summer, and he was determined to one day make the beach his home.

Dr. Dan was raised in Opelika, AL and had dreamed of becoming a Chiropractor.  But, plans changed, and he graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work from Auburn University.  Dr. Dan loved supporting and helping others and spent 5 years working for a non-profit organization serving families and children. However, during that time, he suffered from chronic back pain and stress.  Dr. Dan soon found relief while receiving Chiropractic care and was inspired once again to serve others through Chiropractic.

Dr. Dan attended Life University in Marietta, GA and graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2018.  While in school, Dr. Dan learned a form of Chiropractic that truly resonated with him because it not only relieved physical ailments, but helped patients process emotional and psychological stress, too.  Dr. Dan practiced this technique throughout his 4.5 years at Life University, became involved in leadership as president of the technique club, and helped teach this revolutionary work to other students.

In 2018, Dr. Dan’s dreams of living at the beach finally came true.  He, his wife/business partner, and his three boys moved to beautiful Naples, FL to open their practice, Naples Health Institute.  Dr. Dan and Dr. Jade seek to serve the community of Naples through their powerfully transformational work of Chiropractic by helping families and individuals gain the energy and healing that they need to make their own dreams a reality.

Dr. Dan Taylor - Upward Shift Chiropractic Naples FL

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