Learn what to expect the first time you visit Dr. Jade Stevens and Dr. Dan Taylor at Naples Health Institute. Our staff will ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your decision to come into our practice.

Complete New Patient Forms
Before coming in for your first chiropractic appointment, it’s important that you complete our new patient forms. These can be downloaded from our website or completed in the office. The information you provide gives us an insight into your health and medical history before we begin, which enables us to better create a customized plan of action for you.
Getting to Know Our Space
When you stop in for the first time, one of our team members will give you a full tour of the offices. We’ll also educate you about the process of chiropractic care, explain the history and the techniques we apply and explain how spinal adjustments can improve your ongoing health.
Your Initial Consultation
Following the tour, you’ll sit down with a health care professional to discuss your needs, your goals, your concerns, and your symptoms. We’ll also go over your new member paperwork and discuss your health history at this time.
Initial Exam and Digital Imaging
Following the consultation, you’ll receive a complete physical exam to check your spine, nervous system and muscles. During this exam, we’ll use advanced technology to give you as detailed an overview of your nervous system function as possible. During this exam, some people may require diagnostic imaging. If imaging is indicated for you, our diagnostic and digital imaging services will offer a more detailed view of your skeletal system to help identify any abnormalities.
Creating an Individual Chiropractic Care Plan
Next, we’ll schedule you for a follow-up visit. When you come back in, Drs. Jade and Dan will discuss the findings of your exam and assessment and will provide a custom plan of action that’s individualized to your specific needs. This plan will be designed to improve your health and wellness through the most current chiropractic methods.

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